Figuratively Speaking Mythbusting

Figuratively Speaking Mythbusting

The reality about uni charges, loans & funds

Ignore paper headlines about pupils making college with ?50,000 of financial obligation. That is mostly a meaningless figure. What truly matters is simply how much you are going to repay. For a few that's a lot more, for other people it is free.

This guide is created to bust typical fables about student education loans, funds and finance, such as the 20+ key facts every possible pupil, parent and grandparent ought to know.

Recently worried and graduated concerning the interest?

20 student education loans tips that are mythbusting including.

  • You do not need the money to cover uni
  • Repay 9% of every thing attained above ?25,725
  • All debt that is remaining wiped after three decades
  • Above-inflation interest will be charged
  • Watch out for the concealed contribution that is parental
  • Due dates and just how to utilize for funding
  • Funds have already been replaced by loans
  • Figuratively speaking DON'T carry on your credit report
  • Think about loans such as a 'graduate contribution'
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